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Feeling frazzled? We'll help move your business to the cloud, providing you with the ability to work from anywhere and have full access to your files, projects, client records, and more. 




  • Workflow planning + optimization
  • Dropbox Business setup
  • Cloud-based project management powered by Podio
  • File server replacements

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Microbrand Victoria Stickers
April 27, 2018

Join Our Team!

This is a great opportunity if you're looking to transition to a new career or perhaps returning to work. It will be a diverse and dynamic position with opportunities to grow in different directions depending …

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SSL is now required for websites, a post by MicroBrand
March 1, 2018

Google Might Now Consider Your Site Unsafe

SSL is a confusing topic at the best of times (and a downright turnoff at the worst!). So let's keep this focused on what it all means to you and stay away from the jargon …

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Microbrand Featured Image Oct 17
October 17, 2017

Here, we made this for you. Hope you like it!

It’s been a few years since we created our own brand, and frankly, it’s gotten a little stale. The business has evolved. We have grown and changed. Our identity stopped being a reflection of our …

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