Small Businesses. Big Thinking. 

We help small business owners in Victoria, BC and beyond reclaim their sanity by providing them with workflow solutions to everyday small to medium size business challenge. Built using Podio by Ctrix, we can help move your business over to the cloud and get your systems tuned up for optimal communication, clarity and efficiency. 

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Your ticket to a worry-free vacation.

Feeling frazzled? We can help get your workflow under control and provide a centralized hub for your full workflow needs. Projects, deliverables, tasks and appointments all at your fingerprints. 


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Account setup, initial customization of workspaces and apps and two hours of training to get you up to speed.

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We do a deep dive into what your business requires in terms of automation and build-out to ensure we have a solid map, then implement.

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We can provide on-site support to local and regional businesses, however most support can be done online. Either way, having a partnership in place is key.

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