We have been working with Integral Design for several years now and our services here include a wide range of digital and print projects. The most recent of which include a fully responsive custom website with nearly 200 high quality photos of their work, a stunning portfolio of landscape lighting and a number of digital presentations and proposals for projects of all sizes.



Retaining the Good

Other than the original icon from their logo, the brand has been completely reworked over the last two years to include a focus on a highly image-based approach to layouts.  Large, thin typefaces were contrasted with bold, black text in their logo, and some updates were made to the logo to include an expanded service offering and tagline.



Galleries Galore!

We designed the gallery pages to be free of slideshows or moving elements to create a streamlined user experience where the photos do the talking. Because there were nearly 200 high resolution images to work with on this project, we had to break the galleries down into manageable chunks without overloading the viewer. We accomplished this by creating galleries by project area, and also by adding loading effects to the gallery pages so that images would appear as the viewer scrolls down the page, rather than all appearing at once.


MicroBrand created a clean, modern website that works on all devices and showcases our work perfectly. We use our website every day to communicate what we do to our target audience and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Bob Ingram & Chad Plater - Integral Design, Victoria BC

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